01. What are we?


A system of (Re)Search Engine(s) for accelerated knowledge building.

We are implementing a new layer of pure dialectical data above the contemporary link structure of the web. It's an extra dimension of quality. Thus we call it "Hyperspace Navigation".

02. Targets & Values

Pure & independent Information for deep and effective research empowered by Computer Aided Dialectics.

Facilitation of freedom, peace, health, development and prosperity for everybody.

03. Methods

Knowledge vs. Tyranny | Dialectics vs. Universal Validity

When resources are scarce, knowledge is needed to avoid power-abusing gatekeepers and to develop a just system of sharing. Humanity developed the stunning ability to solve nearly all problems by analyzing and describing them precisely and developing together intelligent solutions. Philosophers called this ability over centuries Dialectics.

DIVERSUS develops technical solutions to facilitate Dialectics through computers. People from all over the world can build up a global network of thoughts. DIVERSUS builds a system of research engines for accelerated knowledge building.

This process of collective consideration brings joy and fun to everybody, as every human has the inherited skills to participate, by talking and expressing their ideas and perceptions.

Character vs. Copy | Difference vs. Redundancy

Todays internet architecture shows some structural weaknesses that generate conformity. Contemporary search engines reward similarity and trigger the creation of redundant information - more and more we find copies instead of original and valuable information.

The DIVERSUS method is describing the Difference between different pieces of information. This approach offers the users to find the most unique information, instead of redundant copies.

This speeds up the knowledge building process, users can identify valuable information more quickly and don’t get tired by walking through endless sequences of always the same.

Transparency vs. Manipulation | Secret Algorithms vs. Open Source

Many of today's big information providers are hiding their algorithms. Users are easy targets to biased research results. Their search for information is used for political or commercial manipulation.

DIVERSUS is a genuine open source project. Search algorithms and the entire database are totally transparent.

Everybody is invited to adjust his algorithm or even develop his own search engine based on the Dialectical Protocol for Accelerated Knowledge Building of DIVERSUS.

Full Picture vs. Bubble

With the DIVERSUS approach the users get access to the full picture instead of being trapped in a bubble of self fulfilling assumptions.

Nature vs. Bureaucracy | Physics vs. List Paradigm

DIVERSUS uses the power of modern Graphic Processing Units to present data with attractive physical properties. Data appears more like nature instead of bureaucratic lists.

DIVERSUS is a modern data viz project

04. Principles

Knowledge Belongs To Everybody

Only when the aspirations and the necessary access to resources of everybody is in just balance on a global range, stable peace and prosperity are possible. Knowledge building for everybody is the gate to reach this target.

The DIVERSUS Foundation ensures that knowledge in our system never will be in possession of small groups or individuals, but will be freely available for everybody.

The Network Pays

Free Access

Access to knowledge and knowledge building is always free

Specialized services generate revenues

Based on the core technology of DIVERSUS we are offering attractive specialized services in order to generate revenues that pay for network costs. Costs and revenues stay in balance, surpluses will be invested into infrastructure and content.

No ads

As advertising intends in most of the cases to bias the public opinion, ads are not allowed in DIVERSUS.

No Whales | A Healthy Gini-Coefficient

The token supply of DIVERSUS is a utility to reward contributors and builders of the system. To keep the system just it’s significant that the ownership structure of the the token supply is equally distributed.

Money investment is limited to a comparable amount as if someone has worked one year on the project.

Money Has No Decision Power

We observe today that the public opinion and knowledge tends to be biased by monetary interests. The main mechanism behind this is the so called “shareholder value” or simply the fact that money has decision power in profit oriented enterprises.

DIVERSUS is a non-profit project. Interested investors are invited to invest a limited amount into our token supply. But they have to acknowledge, that the project will only have success as long as the decision power is solely provided to the management of the DIVERSUS non-profit foundation and their contributors community.

DIVERSUS will implement a power distribution model to their community.

Constant Generation Of Social Values

DIVERSUS is designed to generate a constantly growing set of social values, we call this the “Gross Knowledge Product (GKP)” of DIVERSUS.

The economic value of the DIVERSUS token “Inspirium” will be bound to the GKP.

Total Privacy: No User Stalking

User administer their data in cryptographically secured wallets and remain in total control.

05. Legal Entity

Interim Operator of DIVERSUS is: Das Integral - Büro für Inszenierung und Kommunikation GmbH, Waldfriedhofstraße 70, 81377 Munich, Germany.

DIVERSUS is planned as a non-profit foundation: The Romanesco Broccoli Foundation.

06. Participation

PreInvestors: You can buy our token Inspirium within defined limits.

Contributors: You can help as a developer or contributor of any kind to build up the infrastructure and will get Inspirium and voting power in exchange.

08. Donation

Bitcoin: 13hUVvmy94q9CgJa4go88iEB73pSxysRBL

Ether: 0x6e49eede430c0cd7f9acad161877af1a2e3628cc