01. What

{re}search engine{s} for w3.0

full picture, smarter decisions.


02. Who

Martin Sambauer

Criative Director

we have a community, but nothing to entertain them - most of the people confuse the mechanism. COMMUNication is the process of building up a COMMMUNity. It's the same with our movies. Everybody of the old world said: Let's A) build a product and then B) communicate it. Crypto-world turns it from the head back to the feet. Let's A) COMMUNicate and the B) build the product together with the COMMUNity. That's exactly the reason why we have 5 movies ready, before a single line of code is written. The same would be the Poll-Game... we communify DIVERSUS with such kind of COMMUNication. New COMMUNity member see that's already fun in the game, and energy. To wait until the COMMUNity is all of a sudden there until we start to COMMUNicate is confusing the start with the end

Sergio Veiga

Teck Director

...it was the attempt of transforming to bring semantic to the web but it never really happened, since it would need to content creators to classify the content and humans are very powerfull but very lazy computing machines i dont really like the classical appraoch socrates is a man, all man are stupid, socrates is stupid... for me it falls into the lack of relativity in witch our world lives on, also the concept of universal validity comes from before the quantic notion that our reality is not real, or even quantifiable... its just a damm probability... anyway i disagree with many thing you said relative to the AI, fortunately or unfortunately we are ruled by algorithms already, and for me is just a question who is doing the algorithms and with what intention... but without them we dont know how to live anymore...

Jamie Snow

Managing Director

we’ll done formalizing the many complex thoughts into such a video! Now I look forward to discussions to align on the best path forward for the product. I remain passionate about the idea of enabling a global discussion based on dialectic expression and learning, and think there are some amazing core ideas that need to be the focus of our next steps.

Ole Schmitter

Financial Director

"Objective" line of thought: a network that is cross-plattform, open source and decentral with the possibility for sharing searching and contributing information in textual, pictorial or audiovisual form. "Emotional" line of thought: non-profit, free platform for discussing inspiring ideas truly interested in and devoted to the power of rational harmonization gaining dialectic knowledge, escaping dogmatism and filter bubbles

Mariusz Kreft

Process Director

how do you feel about CAD computer aided dialectics? The truth is, we will not be able to exclude ai technology. Noone wants to code algorithm when a machine can go better. Twitter i. É. is human generated content. But the machine makes it more valuable.

Katya Levina

Organizational Director

Never stop working

Florian Arnold

Philosophy Director

a high-perfomance dialectical engine that integrates divers perspectives on diversus subjects of discussion by evolving them in a computer-aided, accelerated manner. We already entered a new era of digital debating but still missing the adequate means at hand to express, discuss and solve contemporay problems. DIVERSUS fills that gap and even more: it creates new potentials and experiences in our relation to a hypercomplex world. DIVERSUS reduces complexity to the essentials in order to built up new complexity at the same time - but oriented towards human needs, problems and solutions, opinons, ideas and feelings. In this sense it is kind of a digital extension of our collective thinking, a medium of improved knowledge building, or even a digitized mind. The traditional symbol for a infinite information process like this is simply a circle or the sign for infinity. One could also thinkg of a spiral or helix t stress the temporal trajectory. But one should keep in mind that David Eggers wrote a bestseller in 2013 about a valley-based global techcompany that developed into a new form of totalitarism, and the Titel of this book simply goes: the circle. Resemblances could be missleading or counterproductive